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We (the people at eTool Pty Ltd, here after also referred to as “eTool”) run a platform called RapidLCA and would like you to use it. RapidLCA is a design tool for optimising the life cycle environmental and cost impacts of a built asset. We are responsible for maintaining and (hopefully) improving RapidLCA whilst you (the user) are responsible for how you use it.


Access Fee: A fee paid by any user or organisation with the exception of “Specialist Subscribers” for the use of RapidLCA for commercial gain to model a “Structure”. Formally called project fees, updated to reflect projects with multiple buildings and structures.

Commercial Gain: Commercial gain is being paid for by another entity for your work that is aided by RapidLCA, marketing or selling property that is aided by RapidLCA, or conducting sponsored research aided by the use of RapidLCA.

Confidential Information: Any non-public information disclosed by either Party to the other Party pursuant to this Agreement, which is designated as “confidential” or “proprietary” (or with a similar legend), or any Subscriber Data, or any non-public components of RapidLCA are Confidential Information.

Data: Information required to be entered into RapidLCA to model and optimise the life cycle environmental and cost impacts of your construction projects.

Design: A design option of a Structure within RapidLCA.

eToolLCD: eTool’s software for optimising the life cycle environmental and cost impacts of a built asset. Includes the eToolLCD.com web application, plugins to third party software written by eTool and associated third party APIs used by eToolLCD.com. RapidLCA makes use of the aforementioned API to leverage the functionality of eToolLCD.

LCI Data: Generic or product specific environmental life cycle inventory data provided by eTool to enable Impact Assessment, often provided by third parties and licensed at a cost to eTool.  The LCI Data represents the environmental data for a specific human activity (e.g. Global Warming Impact of the production of 1kg of steel).  There are thousands of LCI Data points in the RapidLCA software.

Non-Commercial Gain: Modelling of and reporting on your own building to reduce environmental impacts where the results are not given to third parties and your financial benefits are limited to minimising expenditure whilst maximising environmental benefit, life cycle cost savings that are associated with sustainability initiatives being compared in RapidLCA, or as a student for educational or unsponsored research purposes.

Organisation: Any entity who accesses RapidLCA.

Project: One or more Structures, grouped in the RapidLCA software, typically being constructed on the same parcel of land.

RapidLCA: eTool’s software application for optimising the life cycle environmental impacts of a built assets. RapidLCA is designed with a simplified user interface, with a high degree of automation, to speed the process of producing accurate and effective Lifecycle Assessment report. RapidLCA makes use of the eToolLCD API to leverage the functionality of eToolLCD.

Researcher: A user engaged or employed within a research organisation being an entity, such as university or research institute, irrespective of its legal status (organised under public or private law) or way of financing, whose primary goal is to conduct fundamental research, industrial research or experimental development and to disseminate their results by way of teaching, publication or technology transfer; all profits are reinvested in these activities, the dissemination of their results or teaching; undertakings that can exert influence upon such an entity, in the quality of, for example, shareholders or members, shall enjoy no preferential access to the research capacities of such an entity or to the research results generated by it.

Services: RapidLCA and associated services described in “The Services” section.

Structure: A single building, infrastructure asset or part thereof, defined in the software as a “Structure” and defined by the users in the software or specified on an eTool quotation.

Subscriber: A user or organisation.

Subscription: A level of service as defined in the “Subscriptions” section.

Subscription Fee: A periodic payment made by a subscriber to access the software for commercial gain, or to access a Structure in RapidLCA which was started whist a subscription was active.

User: The person who accesses RapidLCA.

Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern all use of the rapidlca.com website (“RapidLCA” or “The Platform”) and all content, services, and products available at or through RapidLCA. Our Services are offered subject to your acceptance without modification of all of the terms and conditions contained herein and all other operating rules, policies (including, without limitation, eTool’s Privacy Policy) and procedures that may be published from time to time by eTool (collectively, the “Agreement”). You agree that we may automatically upgrade our Services, and these Terms will apply to any upgrades. This agreement is between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and eTool PTY LTD (“eTool”, “we,” “us” or “our”) of Australia. Please read this Agreement carefully before accessing or using our Services. By accessing or using any part of our Services, you agree to become bound by the Terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to all the Terms of this Agreement, then you may not access or use any of our Services. If these Terms are considered an offer by eTool, acceptance is expressly limited to these Terms. Our Services are not directed to children younger than 13, and access and use of our Services is only offered to users 13 years of age or older. If you are under 13 years old, please do not register to use our Services. Any person who registers as a user or provides their personal information to our Services represents that they are 13 years of age or older. Use of our Services requires an RapidLCA account. You agree to provide us with complete and accurate information when you register for an account. You will be solely responsible and liable for any activity that occurs under your username. You are responsible for keeping your password secure.

Your RapidLCA Account

If you create an account on RapidLCA you are fully responsible for maintaining the security of your account and for all activities that occur under the account and any other actions taken in connection with the account. You must immediately notify RapidLCA of any unauthorized uses of your account, or any other breaches of security. eTool will not be liable for any acts or omissions by you, including any damages of any kind incurred as a result of such acts or omissions. Users or organisations who share account login details are in breach of this agreement.


The term of services applicable to a Structure will be tied to the duration of the design, construction and operation of the Structure. The term commences when a Subscriber creates the new building or infrastructure Structure in RapidLCA. Unless terminated earlier by either Party as permitted under this Agreement, or due to a breach of this Agreement, the Service term applicable to a Structure will expire upon the earlier of the completion of modelling in RapidLCA, or a lapse in the Subscribers ongoing Subscription.

The Services


Subscriptions are offered to Users and Organisations with access to RapidLCA for the purposes of modelling and optimising the life cycle environmental and cost impacts of a Structure.

Open Use

An open use subscription is offered to users who are using the software for non-commercial gain, or who are willing to pay the full Access Fees for each Structure they start in RapidLCA. Open Use subscribers are entitled to limited environmental modelling and reporting capabilities, online training and online support resources (knowledge base, forum and frequently asked questions).


An Consultant subscription is offered to users who are using the software for non-commercial gain, or who are willing to pay 80% of the Access Fees for each Structure they start in RapidLCA. Consultant Subscribers are entitled to premium environmental data and modelling functionality, life cycle cost functionality, advanced reporting capabilities, online training, online support resources and email and phone support. Consultant subscribers are eligible for eight hours of in-person or online webinar training (location dependant) training and may sit the RapidLCA exam at the conclusion of the course.


At the sole discretion of eTool, a user who qualifies for the Researcher subscription may receive a 12 month waiver of the Consultant Subscription Fee. Any published data must be reviewed but not necessarily certified by eTool unless for commercial gain in which case it must be certified. Reviewers must be RapidLCA Researcher Subscriber and accredited user and they will be listed on eTool’s website. Publication of reviewed data will be accompanied by a disclaimer and explanation the study has not being certified by eTool, but reviewed by RapidLCA Researcher subscriber and accredited user. RapidLCA accreditation requires attending the advanced training and have complete the training exam. eTool reserves the right to terminate a Researcher Subscription if we deem the quality of a review to be inadequate or the user fails the training exam. Researcher subscribers are eligible for eight hours of in-person or online webinar training (location dependant) training and may sit the RapidLCA exam at the conclusion of the course.


An Enterprise subscription is offered to organisations who are using the software for non-commercial gain, or who are willing to pay 60% of the Access Fees for each Structure they start in RapidLCA. Enterprise Subscribers must maintain at least four paid Enterprise user seats (which may be allocated or unallocated to users) and are entitled to collaboration, advanced control of business intellectual property generated in RapidLCA, premium environmental data and modelling functionality, life cycle cost functionality, premium reporting capabilities, branded reports, online training, online support resources and email and phone support. Enterprise Subscribers are eligible for eight hours of in-person or online webinar training (location dependant) and may sit the RapidLCA exam at the conclusion of the course. Enterprise subscribers may allocate unlimited “read-only” seats to other RapidLCA Subscriber for the purposes of providing read-only access to their Structures to any other RapidLCA user.


A Specialist subscription is offered to users who are using the software for non-commercial or commercial use and are not subject to Access Fees. Specialist Subscribers are entitled to premium environmental data and modelling functionality, life cycle cost functionality, premium reporting capabilities, branded reports, online training, online support resources and email and phone support. Specialist subscribers are eligible for twelve hours of in-person or online webinar training (location dependant) training and may sit the RapidLCA exam at the conclusion of the course. An organisation may waive the minimum Enterprise seats required if at least one user is a Specialist Subscriber and providing the Organisation has at least one Specialist Subscriber they will also qualify for all Enterprise Subscriber functionality. Specialist subscribers that collaborate with other users on a Structure may be subject to Access Fees unless the collaborators are also Specialist Subscribers, or minimise their effort in the study to less than 20 added or edited Design elements. eTool will warn users in the system if a action will forfeit the Specialist Subscriber Access fee waiver.

Access Fees

Open Use, Consultant, Researcher and Enterprise Subscribers are subject to Access Fees for any Structure in RapidLCA that is for Commercial Gain. The Access Fee will be quoted by eTool upon request, or generated automatically within RapidLCA. Upon creating a Structure in RapidLCA a user has seven days to pay the Access Fee after which time eTool may suspend access until the payment is received. Access Fees entitle the user to use the software for commercial gain in relation to the Structure they defined at the time the Access Fee was quoted. If a discount was applied to the Access Fee due to a Subscription level, the user must maintain that same Subscription to continue using the application, or pay the full Access Fee (or reduced discount Access Fee associated with their new Subscription).

Subscriber Data

By using RapidLCA certain data and design documentation will be uploaded and entered into The Platform. The Subscriber retains all of their right, title and interest in and to its Data, and ownership of such Data shall not be transferred to eTool under this agreement. Subscribers grant eTool a nonexclusive license to use Data to deliver Services to authorized users of the Platform, solely in connection with the Structure and further grants eTool a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license to use RapidLCA usage data (such as, by way of example and not by way of limitation, aggregated and / or averaged Structure performance information) in an aggregated form that does not identify individual persons or organizations, in order to compile statistics regarding life cycle environment and cost impacts, report on RapidLCA usage and/or to improve the Services. If the subscription is cancelled all models will no longer be available to the subscriber or organisation. If the subscriber wishes to maintain a record of models, the reports need to be generated prior to cancelling. Upon termination of the Services, eTool will retain the subscriber’s Data for a minimum of 12 calendar months from the date of termination after which time eTool will not be liable for any damages of any kind in connection with its decision to not retain Data. Subscribers warrant that they have appropriate and sufficient rights in relation to the Data, and neither eTool’s use, processing and/or storage of the Data in accordance with this Agreement nor the Subscribers use of Data will violate applicable laws or this Agreement. eTool is not obligated to screen Data but may suspend access to RapidLCA or terminate this agreement if the ultimate owners of the Data notify eTool that a Subscriber has insufficient rights to upload data into RapidLCA. eTool is not liable for any damage or loss caused by our decision to suspend access. The subscribers are entirely responsible for the content and delivery of Client Data, including without limitation, the accuracy, usefulness, timeliness and completeness and lawfulness of the Data and its use. That is the case regardless of what form the Data takes, which includes, but is not limited to text, documents, photo, video, audio, or code.

LCI Data

RapidLCA uses third party LCI Data to enable Life Cycle Impact Assessment.  The third party data may by generic LCI Data or product specific LCI Data.  The LCI Data may be publicly available or commercially licensed to eTool at a cost.  eTool aim to provide a single solution in which data and software are wholly included without additional costs to users for accessing different data sources etc.  eTool will explicitly inform users that they are required to pay for the additional LCI Data prior to releasing that data to them.  eTool cannot warrant the accuracy of the third party LCI Data however our Quality Management system does require professional management of suppliers and associated risks.  Users must agree and adhere to the user agreements provided by third party LCI data suppliers listed below:

EcoInvent data: End User Licence Agreement (EULA) for ecoinvent Database and ecoinvent Datasets

RapidLCA Service Levels

rapidlca.com is a cloud based web application that is supported by eTool who aim to achieve a very high level of service as defined in the “Service Level Targets” table (the Service Level Targets). Where eTool fall short of the Service Level Targets, at the request of the Subscriber, eTool will refund the Subscriber the lessor of:

  • The total Subscription payments received by eTool from the Subscriber, and
  • The Subscription payments received by eTool from the Subscriber for and relating to the time period between the time the Subscriber reported the incident and the time the incident was resolved less the allowable time to resolve the incident as per the “Incident priority levels & resolving time per priority level” section.

Access License fees will not be refunded due to underperformance against the Service Level Targets. Subscribers will not be expected to pay a premium for over performance against the Service Level Targets. SLA Table Detail Table


The Subscribers will pay Subscription and Access Fees fees in accordance with the following terms of payment:

  • In advance or in accordance with the terms specified in the quote,
  • By credit card for monthly Subscription fees or bank transfer for annual Enterprise or Specialist Subscription fees and Access Fees, or
  • On or before the due date of the payment which will be specified in the invoice or during the online transaction.

Each party will pay the taxes they are legally required to pay. Unless otherwise specified by eTool, all amounts specified to be paid under this Agreement shall be in US Dollars for Subscription payments, and Australian Dollars, US Dollars, British Pounds Sterling or Euros for Access Fees.

Services Delivered in Advance of Payment

eTool may offer services in advance of payment to ensure a seamless user experience. For example, modelling of a Structure may be started in RapidLCA before a payment is received to ensure Subscribers can meet their deadlines. In the case that payments are not received in advance of services, eTool reserve the right to:

  • Recover any costs related to managing overdue accounts and, in the case of overdue accounts, charge a monthly overdue account fee and interest on overdue amounts at a rate of 25% per annum (or, if less, the maximum amount permitted by applicable law) and such interest shall accrue daily, be calculated weekly and compounded monthly; or
  • Suspend the Services until such time that overdue amounts are paid.

If the Subscriber in good faith disputes the whole or any part of an invoice submitted by eTool, the Subscriber will pay the part of the invoice which is not in dispute and will notify eTool of the reasons for disputing the remainder of the invoice in writing on or before the 14th day following delivery of the invoice. If the Subscriber fails to notify eTool by the foregoing deadline, the Subscriber is deemed to have accepted the invoice. If it is resolved that some or all of the amount in dispute ought properly to have been paid at the time it was first invoiced, then the Subscriber will pay the amount finally resolved.

Subscription Payments

Unless you notify eTool before the end of the applicable subscription period that you want to cancel your Subscription, your Subscription will automatically renew and you authorize us to collect the then-applicable annual or monthly subscription fee for such Subscription (as well as any taxes) using any credit card or other payment mechanism we or our payment processor have on record for you. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time in the User Profile section of RapidLCA. Subscription Fees may be changed with advance notice of three months. eTool may end the Services if a Subscriber objects to the change in fees.

Access Fee Payments

Access Fees fees will be paid prior to the commencement of modelling in RapidLCA unless otherwise agreed and eTool may suspend services should the Access Fees become overdue.

Monitoring and Acceptable Use

RapidLCA is intended to be used for optimising the life cycle environmental and cost impacts of Designs and eTool reserve the right to suspend the Services for Subscribers who otherwise use the RapidLCA. RapidLCA is a collaborative platform and we encourage the sharing of building information through the Libraries however Subscribers must ensure that their communications within RapidLCA and their Data :

  • Does not cause offence to other users;
  • Does not breach copyright;
  • Is lawful, and
  • Is free of viruses and security threats.

The following use of the system is prohibited:

  • Use of RapidLCA that compromises the integrity of the system including but not limited to probing, scanning, or testing the vulnerability of any system or network that hosts our Services
  • Attempting to overwhelm our infrastructure by unreasonably loading our systems
  • Consuming unreasonable amounts of storage in a way that’s unrelated to the purposes for which RapidLCA was designed
  • Reverse-engineering, tampering or hacking our services, attempting to gain unauthorised access or circumventing security or authentication measures
  • Sharing Subscriber account details so other users may access the service

eTool may monitor Subscribers use of RapidLCA to ensure compliance with this Agreement and suspend or terminate the services if Subscribers are found to be in breach.


Both Parties acknowledge that Confidential Information disclosed by either Party pursuant to this Agreement may constitute valuable trade secrets of the disclosing Party. Each Party agrees to use the other Party’s Confidential Information solely in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and not to disclose, or permit to be disclosed, either directly or indirectly, such Confidential Information to any third party, without the disclosing Party’s prior written consent. Each Party shall use strict measures to protect the secrecy and avoid disclosure or unauthorized use of the other Party’s Confidential Information. Notwithstanding the above, neither Party will be in breach of this provision in circumstances where the Party is lawfully required to disclose the other Party’s Confidential Information, where the information is already in the public domain, or is already in the disclosing Party’s possession without a duty of confidentiality at the date of disclosure and eTool will not be in breach of of this provision should they use Subscriber Data as outlined in the Subscriber Data section, or if a Subscriber chooses to disclose their Confidential Information by way of RapidLCA features designed to share information between users, within exportable reports or publicly available Design / Structure summary pages.


See also our Privacy Policy for more detail.

eTool maintains a Privacy Policy which specifies why we collect personal information, and how we use that data which will determine, the extent permissible by law how eTool maintains your privacy. eTool may communicate with Subscribers regarding RapidLCA administration, support and use. Subscriber Data including personal information may be transferred to countries within which eTool operates subject to applicable laws and this Agreement for the purposes of maintaining and developing RapidLCA, and communicating with Subscribers.

Intellectual Property Rights

eTool own all rights, titles and interests associated with RapidLCA, including all Intellectual Property Rights, and any Materials or software or other inventions that may be developed or discovered by eTool in connection with the Services.

Warranties and Disclaimers

eTool warrants to the Subscriber that it will use reasonable professional skill and care, consistent with industry standards, in providing all Services. Notwithstanding the above, The life cycle environmental and cost predictions in RapidLCA by their very nature, cannot be exact. It is not feasible to identify and calculate all the contributing environmental (or cost) impacts associated with a product or service back through history, let alone do this accurately. Generic cost and environmental impact coefficients do not necessarily correspond to those of individual brands of the same product or service due to differences within industries in the way these products and services are delivered. eTool cannot warrant or guarantee the accuracy of RapidLCA environmental or cost performance predictions for the above reasons. To the extent permitted by law, eTool does not warrant or guarantee:

  • That the services will be error-free
  • That the services will be without interruption
  • The quality and fitness of the Service for a particular purpose

The Subscribers assume all responsibilities for selecting RapidLCA to achieve its intended results, for the use of results obtained from RapidLCA and for taking measures to prevent unauthorised access to their RapidLCA account. Where eTool is legally obligated to provide guarantees or obligations, our liability in respect of any claim is limited to either supplying the services again, or refunding all or part of the fees paid commensurate with the failure of the guarantee or warranty.

Limitation of Liability

eTool to the extent permitted by law will not be liable for any exemplary, punitive, indirect, special, consequential loss, loss of profit, interest, revenue, business goodwill or anticipated profit, or any loss of or damage to User Data or loss of or interruption to Subscriber’s business arising out of, or in any way connected to the services of other use of RapidLCA. If a claim is made, regardless of the nature of the claim, eTool’s liability in connection to a claim will not exceed the total Access Fees and Subscription Fees relating to the claim paid by the Subscriber.


eTool Indemnifies Subscribers who use RapidLCA as authorised by this Agreement against claims made by third parties against Subscribers relating to infringement of Intellectual Property rights of the third party. The Subscriber Indemnifies eTool against claims made by third parties against eTool relating to a Subscriber breaching any law or regulation in its use of RapidLCA, or Subscriber misuse of Data, Personal Information or infringement of the third parties intellectual property rights. eTool will have no liability for infringement claims arising from:

  • Using RapidLCA in combination with other software or services not provided by eTool,
  • Any modification of RapidLCA in part or whole by anyone other than eTool, or
  • An incident occurring after eTool notifies a Subscriber that continued use may subject the Subscriber to an infringement claim.

If a third party claim is made against either Party, the Party’s may choose to defend or settle the third party claim but neither party will be liable to costs or expenses incurred by the other party unless agreed prior.

Suspension and Termination

Either party may suspend or terminate the Agreement in the event that the other Party commits a material breach of this Agreement and fails to remedy the breach within a reasonable time frame. Upon termination the Subscriber must cease to use RapidLCA and at eTool’s request return or destroy any Confidential Information owned by eTool. Termination does not remove an obligation to pay outstanding Fees owed to eTool. Relevant sections of this Agreement will survive termination.

Governing Law

This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Western Australia, Australia and the Parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in the State of Western Australia, Australia and any court that may hear appeals from any of those courts, for any proceedings initiated or pursued in connection with this Agreement, and waive any right they may have to claim that those courts are an inconvenient forum.

Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises both parties are obligated to:

  • Notify the other party detailing the nature of the dispute
  • Make efforts to resolve the dispute in good faith
  • Escalate the dispute to the respective Chief Executive Officers (or equivalent top ranking management officer, or their nominees excluding external counsel) who will make efforts to resolve the dispute in good faith
  • Delay filing of actions until the above actions are taken


If any provision or part of a provision of this Agreement is determined to be unlawful, void, or unenforceable, that provision or part of the provision is deemed severable from the Agreement and does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.


RapidLCA uses in application notification and emails to communicate with users regarding some commercial matters, for example:

  • Receipts for subscription payments
  • Invoices for Access Fees
  • Reminders for subscription payments and Access Fees
  • Notification of suspension or termination of services

Subscribers accept that eTool may communicate to them via email for these critical communications and commit to whitelisting eTool domains (rapidlca.com, etoolglobal.com and etool.net.au) such that communications and information therein are made available to Subscribers.