A Game-Changing App for Sustainable Housing

Measure, improve and report impacts with ease and speed at your fingertips.

Accessible to homeowners and professionals with varying levels of expertise in sustainable design and construction.

Simple Inputs, Fast Results

Say goodbye to the complexities of the LCA process and manual data input. Simply input your general building specifications and let our preconfigured designs take care of the rest.

Harnessing the power of our robust algorithms, developed and refined over a decade, and leveraging the wealth of accurate and real-world modelling data from our flagship software, eTool, RapidLCA ensures unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in delivering reliable assessments for your projects.

Quick Hotspot Analysis

Quickly identify areas with significant environmental impacts across the entire life cycle of the building that are crucial for optimising net zero homes.

Rapid Net Zero Optimisation

Optimise design choices for maximum carbon savings. Easily compare building materials, services, appliances, fittings and finishes. Empowering you to iterate on designs for optimal environmental performance and make well-informed decisions.

Compliant Reporting

Compliant with International Standards, generate comprehensive reports that communicate your environmental analysis and optimised designs to stakeholders, customers, and regulatory authorities.

Enterprise Ready

Streamlined Carbon Performance and Management

● Customise carbon reduction targets for your projects.

● Track carbon performance on a project level. (Coming soon)

Preconfiguration of available lots for efficient management.

Rigorous Project Control
Minimise risk of error with predefined and validated low-density residential templates for in-built quality control.

Comprehensive Audit Trail
Safeguard data security and privacy with a complete audit trail. Maintain transparency, accountability and peace of mind with activity logs.

Team Management
Boost team collaboration with a custom messaging system and user management features.

Seamless Convenience

Available on desktop and mobile.
Create sustainable home designs with ease and speed – in the office or on the move! 

Flexible & Adaptable

Responds to different geographical locations, building types, and user preferences, ensuring its applicability in various contexts. 

Share Your Journey

Easily share your carbon savings with your professional network, inspiring others to take action for a greener planet.