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About RapidLCA

For people and organizations seeking to lead action on climate change. We provide the RapidLCA app to optimize whole of life carbon, capital cost and operational expenditure of homes. The RapidLCA team are recognized for our integrity, teamwork, and passion for the environment. The app is praised for being easy to use, low cost and extremely flexible for all design approaches and geographical regions. RapidLCA is driving real low carbon outcomes and educating the market.

RapidLCA is a low carbon design app for buildings. It is available on any device with a web browser, and can be used as an app on Android and Apple iOS (see installation guidance here). RapidLCA utilises the power of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to calculate and optimise the environmental performance of your design. Life Cycle Assessment is the basis of the app because it is the most comprehensive and robust method of improving environmental performance. With careful attention paid to deliver a streamlined user experience and access to pre-built component libraries, we’ve also made Life Cycle Assessment fast and easy.

  • Review your results against the targets.

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Features for you

Housing Developers

Reduce your climate change impact in a specific project or across your whole portfolio. Make the process easy for all your stakeholders.

Home Owners and Builders

Design and build low carbon homes with ease. RapidLCA takes all the confusion, stress and delay from the equation by quickly and accurately pin-pointing the carbon saving opportunities for you.

Offset Programs

Market and sell your offsets to the new or existing home market. RapidLCA enables your users to easily calculate their footprints so they can offset with you.

Government Authorities

Easily allow planning and building applicants to calculate their environmental performance, check against your targets, optimise and submit transparent reports.


Support the transition to zero carbon and reduce the risk associated with your loan portfolio. RapidLCA allows your customers to easily provide you with comprehensive, accurate, and robust environmental and life cycle cost performance reports.


Any person or organisation who needs a fast, comprehensive, accurate, easy and robust environmental calculation solution for building design.

Case Studies

Housing Developers

Government Authorities

City of Vincent

The City of Vincent (COV) is a community that has voted loud and clear on their expectation of significantly better environmental performance for new developments beyond the construction code requirements.

Read more to learn how RapidLCA supported them in reaching their environmental improvement targets.

Pricing for the Planet

For the planet to truly benefit, we need the app to be widely used so that the cost of using the app is extremely low. Furthermore, we’re rewarding very low and zero carbon targets with a lower per-dwelling price. ‘Per dwelling’ pricing is the minimum cost of using the app per dwelling. Where RapidLCA is used by an organisation to manage a portfolio of buildings, set-up fees may also apply.

Per-Dwelling Pricing

We’re serious about saving carbon and the better your target the less RapidLCA will cost you. For example, a carbon saving of 25% or less will cost AUD 100 per dwelling, while a carbon saving of 100% will cost AUD 50 per dwelling.

Set-up Pricing for Organisations

RapidLCA is customisable and a setup fee may apply depending on the level of customisation you require. Types of customisation include:

  • Custom branding and web address to fully align with your project’s marketing strategy
  • Set targets across a range of environmental indicators beyond climate change
  • Limit or expand the list of construction components accessible to your users
  • Align the app to your approvals workflow and ensure applicants are uploading required documentation
  • Custom carbon factors for materials and energy

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